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Mainframe Web Solutions is a website creation and brand marketing agency that can make professional looking, highly secure, and fully optimized websites. Our customers include growing businesses, startups, and industry leaders who are seeking a web redesign. Our Marketing services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and management of your Google Ads (PPC) campaigns for maximum exposure.

The website creation process


Web Design

Web design includes creating a custom, user friendly, interface for your website to display content in a way that maximizes user retention and interaction.

Web Design

Web design consists of the client facing front end material. It’s the content the user sees, displayed in a manner that’s worked out between the designer and the client. The goal is to keep the user engaged, the longer they stay on the page the greater the chance of them using your services.

Graphic design

We use a number of tools to design graphics and content that you can use on your website. This is especially helpful for companies with not much content that need experienced graphic designers to make your site look nice.


A good website needs good content. That means good writing and cohesion. Google’s search algorithm factors in content. Bottom line, if you can’t display the content users are looking for, they will choose to look elsewhere. If your looking to boost user engagement try creating a blog page where users can give feedback to your articles.


Web Development

Web development is the functionality that’s built into the website to accomplish the site’s goal. If web design is the shiny new car, web development is the motor powering it.

Web Development

The back end content the user doesn’t get to see. This is where your site functionality is built. If web design is the shiny new car then web development is the engine that runs it. I implement a LAMP stack which stands for Linux OS, Apache server software, MySQL database, and PHP programming language.

Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) creates and holds your digital content. It makes it easy to dynamically update your pages by pulling content from different parts of the web making your website very dynamic. We build every website on WordPress which is the #1 CMS in the world due to it’s massive developer network, ease of use, and endless plugins.


WordPress websites come with built in security, but if that’s all your relying on you will probably eventually get hacked. Attackers use brute force logins and SQL injectors on your contact forms to bug your site with malware. Experienced development agencies like Mainframe Web Solutions know the proper security protocols to follow, along with maintenance and updates.

Web Design and development process



Before we can begin work designing your web page we need to have  a clear understanding of what you hope to achieve. We need to clearly outline your image. We need a plan. This can make or break your website. If things are not clearly defined from the start the straight line to your goal can diverge and things will slowly start to turn in the wrong direction.



Once we have a clear definition of your goals and a mutual understanding we outline your site in a wire-frame app then begin designing the front end. This is the stage where your website starts to come to life.  We add/create content and push it to the website to flow well with the outline, creating a user interface that is conducive to a well balanced user experience.



Content is king. When we fill your pages out with content it’s important to keep in mind your overall goal which is to align your website with your business needs. Are you offering classes to subscribe to? Are you starting an E-Commerce platform with WooCommerce? Maybe you’re establishing a hub for your business where you can offer your services.

As a courtesy, we optimize your page for search engines to index, but if you’re looking to really push your into the marketplace we offer a higher degree of SEO as well as Google Ads (PPC)  management as a follow-up or separate service.



The development face is where we roll up our sleeves and build out the site’s functionality. Whether it’s adding products and a marketplace for e-commerce, listing jobs for candidates to apply to, or server optimization. All of this will tie into the content management system we employ WordPress.

Featured Work / Web Design Portfolio

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Web Design


Decisions is a website created for a public speaker who talks about arming yourself with the tools needed when making some of life’s toughest decisions. He has dealt with a lot of pain and suffering in his life and it’s insporing to hear him speak about how he fought back from it.


Web Design

Top Tier Fitness

Top Tier Fitness is a personal training service by Adam Oliver. Adam Focuses on 2 types of training styles, Functional Fitness and Sports Performance

Both fitness routines involve increasing mobility, decreasing injury risk, heavy focus on form when weight lifting to maximize gains from your workout routines.

web development of top tier fitness and web design of homepage

Web Design

We build websites, and relationships

At Mainframe Web Solutions when we decide to move forward with your project we are establishing a lasting relationship. After your website is created we don’t shake hands and part ways. We keep watch over their server making sure your site is secure at all times, we implement “cron jobs” which are automated tasks that run once a week or month. We give you one hour of free work a month to make any changes or fixes you request.

We want to knock it out of the park 10/10.  Then you will want to work with us to fully optimize your site for search engine indexing (SEO). And when it comes time for you to run your Google Ads (PPC) campaigns we will be your first choice.

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Graphic Design


Vector Graphics Designer

Vector graphics are graphics designed and created through mathematical commands generated by shapes and gradients. While traditional images get blurry or pixelated as they are resized, vector graphics are resized with the same pixel density thanks to these mathematical formulas. They are great for graphics that resize a lot as well as logos and sprites.


Raster Graphics Design

Raster graphics are your typical .png and .jpg images that populate your website. We use graphic image editors like Adobe Photoshop and Gimp to edit these images to enhance their detail, create cool effects, or make images that pop and stand out.


Stock Graphics

Sometimes the best answer is to use stock graphics from websites like Shutterstock or Pexels who create professional pictures they license to you for diaplay. When you need professional photography images that speak to the user stock images are a great solution.

Sharp professional marketing videos for client

Sharp professional marketing videos for client

Marketing Videos for new client: Top Tier Fitness   Including marketing videos on your website is becoming the new standard. It's quality creative content, it reduces the bounce rate by keeping people on your page longer, it strengthens your brand by adding...

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SEO v.s. Google Ads PPC: Search Engine Optimization

SEO v.s. Google Ads PPC: Search Engine Optimization

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)   For some people, Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be intimidating. It can be confusing at times to those who don't read extensive documentation, articles, or press releases that stay up to date with the latest changes in an...

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SEO v.s. Google Ads PPC:  How Google Works

SEO v.s. Google Ads PPC: How Google Works

  How Google Works So, How Does Google Work? Everyone knows Google searches for websites based on the keywords you type into its search bar, but how does it index these websites beforehand, how does it store them, and how does it choose which results to display...

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Search Engine optimization (SEO)
SEO is the process of building your website to the specifications of search engine guidelines so they can better index your site and visibility on their search engines to reach more users. There is literally endless documentation and  troves of articles on how to achieve this. There are also very powerful tools available like Google Console and SEMRush, as well as other to help your backlinks like Seo Free Directory .
Google Ads (PPC)

Advertising on google using keywords frequented by users who are looking for services like yours which are generally typed into the search bar.

The chance of having your ad chosen to appear is based on 3 things.

  1. Your keyword “bid” or how much you are willing to spend on that keyword against your competitors each time it appears in a search.
  2. Your format Impact: Google has extensions to include in your ads that polish it up and give the user options. Using these increases your overall score
  3. Quality Score: Quality Score is the 1-10 rating that is reported for each keyword in your account (including relevance) calculated by estimating the quality of your ads and their associated landing pages.