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React is the most popular and fastest growing JavaScript framework on the web. Open Source, and originally developed by Facebook, React has continued to grow every year as more and more developers adopt its approach to application life-cycle development. What makes React and other JavaScript frameworks (like Angular or Vue) unique, is their interaction with the DOM and blazing fast speeds.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the web, and while it provides the best all-in-one out of the box solution for building a website and hosting content, but it can’t compete with the pure speed of React. React is structured to build one page applications with remarkable complexity and optimize it for speed. This functionality can make each page of your website highly interactive and animated, without sacrificing load times and overall speed.

Look at this stunning interactive React web application

react web application

Use React’s component based structure for a full Gatsby Website build

React web applications can be built as component-based single page web apps, or combined with other programming libraries and built into fully immersive websites. Gatsby operates as a headless content management system that incorporates React into a full Gatsby website build. A website built using these immersive technologies makes visiting them a totally unique experience. Instead of being display driven, websites can now be interaction driven. It’s changing the entire web development experience on both the developer and client side.

Gatsby website

Let’s pump the brakes for a second though, this all sounds exciting, but is React or Gatsby for you? It’s faster and more interactive, sure. But it’s less SEO friendly and isn’t helpful if there is loads of text content and documentation on your site. It’s helpful to think about what’s important to your company or business, and what your goals are for each visitor. We can help you decide what’s in your best interest and provide you with ideas through a quick screening.


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