Marketing Videos for new client: Top Tier Fitness


Including marketing videos on your website is becoming the new standard. It’s quality creative content, it reduces the bounce rate by keeping people on your page longer, it strengthens your brand by adding professional promotional material, and they really take off when you share on social media.where all people do is hop around looking for interesting content. This can have a big impact on your SEO score and domain / page authority.

The videos that we create are your intellectual property, as is anything we create for your website. If you want to use marketing videos for other purposes than online you are more than welcome to. These promotional videos can make such a positive impact on your brand, that we plan on creating them for every website we build!!

Marketing videos are going to be added to the arsenal of tools we provide to clients to increase their online presence. Coupled with Google Ads PPC you can have your video shown as an advertisement on YouTube before people see their videos. As with services that don’t include building or hosting you a website, we plan to offer this as a separately priced service you can hire us solely to create promotional marketing videos just like you can hire us for SEO services, graphic design, or online advertising.

Interested in Your Own Marketing Video?

Contact us about any inquiries you have regarding making a marketing videos to promote your brand.

  • Chop up videos into shorter clips to weave back together to promote your message.
  • Use regular images like with a slideshow and have written content and music included.
  • We can even create videos that animate your logo!!
  • Auto-post the videos from your website to social media and link the video back to your website to increase traffic.

Visit Top Tier Fitness to check out their website and see how the video looks on their homepage.