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Watch this Graphic Design created.

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Featured Project

Low Poly Portrait


This is a portrait made of average color variations from a photograph artistically-recreated in Inkscape. Mainframe Web Solutions is capable of recreating graphic designs like this. Maybe you want something different for your ‘About’ page picture, maybe you just want to add some flavor on your page. These are questions we are often asked and Mainframe Web solutions always deliver good graphic design websites.

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Graphic Design Logos

Here is a sampling of the company logos we’ve made for some of the companies who’ve hired Mainframe Web Solutions.


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graphic design | Staring into the mtrix

Featured Project

“Staring into the eye of the Matrix”

One of my personal favorite graphic designs. Taken from this simple image, I cropped the eye area out and replaced it with pages of matrix code. After that I added another layer and lines of Matrix code in front of the eye so that it was looking directly into it. A few color adjustments and a good shade of black to add contrast makes everything stand out.

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