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Whether this is something you have been planning for some time, or  don’t know where to start but are curious and have some questions. Don’t be shy Mainframe Web Solutions is here for you. Get in touch  with us and we can get the ball rolling.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do you decide your quotes?

A few different factors go into the quoting system. How many pages the website requires, how much extra functionality needs to be coded into the project, how much content you can supply v.s. how much much we are asked to create for you. 

The thing is, we are in the business of developing relationships. We want your website bringing you in revenue. When your site makes you money you are going to want to invest more with us, making us more money. So it’s in our best interest to create you the best site possible for your budget.

How long does it take to build a site?

This question is directly related to the complexity and size of the project. It can take 40 hours for a site. It can take weeks to build sites with dozens of pages and require a lot of functionality and testing.  Here’s and example of how we factor everything together estimating time:

– Design phase: 20 hours

– SEO: 3-4 hours

– Extra SEO work: additional 4-5 hours

– Functionality: anywhere from 3 hours to 20 hours ( this can take a while or it can be no time at all)

– Graphic Design: 2 – 10 hours

Logo: 3 hours with 9 logos to choose from

– Security: an hour or 2

…. This example is the same amount of time another company may give you, but because of our unique production system, we can turn it out in the same amount of time at a more affordable cost.


Can I hire your for just for SEO or PPC?

Of course. Although it is recommended that we build your site as well so we can control your URL’s, landing pages, and website copy; we realize some people are happy with their site the way it is. Our services are still available to manage your Google Ads (PPC) campaigns and SEO consultation.

What if we want to change something?

We provide up to 2 hours of free service each month. Any updates you want, you can give us to make during that period.Unless you want to learn how to make simple changes to copy or pictures i n which case we can give you lessons.

How is our site hosted?


One of the most important questions is how your site is hosted. We don’t just build your site shake hands and part ways. As described before we provide 2 hours of support each month for you to make changes. Additionally, we provide hosting support for you. For the same monthly price it costs you to have your site hosted, we host it for you on our private servers at InMotion Hosting.

These servers are set up and controlled by Mainframe Web Solutions, tuned perfectly to provide speed, security, and cache control. Any server issues you can deal with us instead of contacting a hosting company who, at best, will point to a problem and tell you to get a developer to fix it. This means if your site is running slow – we’ll handle it, your site is under attack – we’ll handle it, you want to set up additional email accounts – we’ll handle it.

To sum up, we provide you with 24-hour hosting support, on our premium servers, with 2 hours of free additional work each month to make changes. All for about the same price you would pay to have your site hosted through a hosting company.