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Server side programming


Think of a website as a car. A car is a frame with doors, hoods, and lights on the outside and seats, steering wheels, and dashboards on the inside. If  these parts of the car represent web design, then the engine represents web development.


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Web Development

Programming Stack



Linux is an open source operating system.  based on the Linux Kernel packaged with other software and libraries to add additional functionality. The most popular distribution of Linux is Ubuntu, which can any task from the command line making web development much more automated and faster.

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Apache open source web software. Apache owns about a 50% market share of server software do to its ease of use, flexibility, and large community of developers.

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MySQL is a database management system based on the client-server model and can store data that can be accessed across multiple systems. Websites are basically text files written in code then translated by server software to display what you see on the screen. Not all of this information is static, sometimes you need a system to manage the input since users typically can’t write onto those files

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The language of the web. This is the server side coding language used in web development that users don’t get to see. It can embed into HTML making your pages dynamic by pulling data and content from different parts of the web to display on your web page.

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Website Development

CMS – Content Management System


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the wold. Its main purpose originally was to save and display your content in different ways on blog sites, but it has become so much more. Its functionality can be extended by plugins it offers. It’s open source and the massive base of web developers contributing means that there are endless plugins for any need you can possibly drum up.